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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Better You Review

Hello All and Welcome to My Self Improvement Review Site!

I do like to get to the point, so let me just go into a brief introductory to get us started. We all want to live our Dream Life. In other words, the one you always dream of. You can not only achieve this, but it is your God given right to live such a life.

Believe me, I have read all the books and it all makes perfect sense. ..Only I felt there had to be more. This is when I began my quest to improve my life on all levels. I began studying and researching all the products and services that are available, and believe me; there are a lot!

Through much trial and error I can now tell you the ones which work best and save you all the time and money I have already spent.

First, I would just like to go over a few well known facts to make sure we are clear and on the same subject which is “How to Improve Your Life!”

Happiness is just another state of mind; like sad, lonely, hungry, angry, etc. If given a choice, which would, you choose? Well, the good news do have a choice and it is up to you which ever state you are in. It is your thoughts which decide what state you are in, so if you want to change your state; change your thoughts! It isn't always easy, but you can do it. Ask yourself throughout the day "How am I feeling?" Then ask, "Why am I feeling this?" then, "What am I thinking?" and finally, "What thought would serve me to feel best right now?"

You want to peel through the layers with whatever questions work best for you, but mainly find the source of your thoughts and feelings, be aware of them, and then correct them to what is to your advantage at the given time.Controlling your thoughts is really the key to happiness. If you don't, they are sure to control you. Considering the "Laws of Attraction" what you think about, you bring about.

Your thoughts are powerful magnets attracting to you the things you think about most. This is a proven fact of life and knowing this should help you figure out why you are in the situation you're already in. "What have you been thinking about lately?" I remember when I first discovered this, I could see clearly how many negative thoughts I was thinking and could easily understand why things were not going well for me. For example, I would leave my house thinking "the bus will probably be late again" and it would! Everyday... I always had to take cabs. Now when I leave I allow myself a little extra time and say things like "I never have to wait long for a bus." And I never do. I catch them all right away now. This works so much better for me.

Now that you are in control of your thoughts, why not only think happy ones? It is impossible for you to feel bad when having good thoughts. This has also been scientifically proven. Think back to a time when you laughed so hard you were in tears. If you really focus you should be able to come up with several of them. Hold those images in your mind as long as possible. Then whenever you want to change your thoughts, one of them will appear in your mind and you can't help but smile at the very least.

Along with that you will want to remember to keep good thoughts as much as possible. I have found several products to be useful as positive affirmations to keep you in check. The more good thoughts you have the more good you are bringing into your life and happy thoughts create more happy thoughts, and so on. This has a snowball effect. Soon it takes off automatically and turns into a giant boulder of good thoughts and good times! Create whatever you want in your life with a little help from any of these products and services. I found all these products to be most helpful in creating joy & happiness, love, wealth, and success! Lose weight, stop smoking, improve your life on all levels...

So, here are what I found to be the best self help programs to help you achieve your Dream Life...especially if you are on a budget, like me!

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Taeran said...

Interesting stuff...

I love self improvement articles and material - good to be reminded of how much we can achieve with a little effort and attitude adjustment!

- Ross

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Happy Person said...

Yes, our thoughts are of great power.We choose our thoughts. Happy or sad, it is up to us. No matter what happens, we can always have positive thoughts to get us up and going. Being negative just pull us down and life will not be good. Think good is still the better choice. I like your article. Cheers!