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Monday, February 8, 2016

Can School Be Cool at Fifty?

Why go back to school at fifty? That's the question I get asked the most these days. My friends & family are very supportive and often tell me how proud they are of me, yet they want to know why I decided to do this now, at fifty? It's been on my mind a lot lately too, so I'm just going to write down my thoughts on this subject and maybe I can explain.

Actually, I can appreciate school much more now that I am older. I don't regret waiting so long for several reasons:

1.) I didn't have time for college when I was young! I was very popular and enjoyed my youth. I also worked a lot and made lots of money, so I can't complain. My career was on an upswing and I was able to get promoted into management. I learned many skills and had so many experiences that will benefit me for years to come.

2.) We didn't have internet when I was twenty. Well, we did have computers, but I wasn't made aware of them until 2001 when I was forced to use one at work. I was terrified of this machinery and my reaction was that I would never be able to understand this equipment. Luckily, I had a very kind support group to help me learn. Once I got the ball rolling, I was intrigued and felt there was so much more I wanted to know about them. Homework is also a lot easier now thanks to computers! :)

3.) I have more patience now. I never would of had the discipline or the mindset that is necessary to earn a degree when I was in my twenties. It takes a lot of focus and all the free time I can muster to get assignments and test completed accurately and on time.

4.) The older we get the wiser we become. There has been many times that I don't even read the book. I have been able to rely on past experiences or basic street smarts. We don't realize how much we know until we are forced to. On that note, there has been several days when I was  amazed with how little I know! Jeez! Many times, I feel the more I learn, the less I know. Don't worry, that's what keeps it interesting!

I went back to school at fifty to take some computer classes and all I wanted to take with me was a certificate in website development. I foolishly thought that would be enough to start a new career. Truth is, I took all the required courses and finished with mostly A's and a couple B's and have zero confidence that I can make a website! So, I decided to stick with it and earn a degree.

I am now in my final semester at City Colleges and looking back at the whole experience. "Awesome" pretty much sums it up. This has been the most positive experience all around. I met so many interesting people, made new friends that I treasure, and learned a lot about everything, including myself. That was unexpected, because I thought I already knew myself! I did, only I discovered much more. Like peeling through layers of an onion, I am almost to the core of all that I am.

I never really worried about what the kids might think of me, but I was pleasantly surprised to find my age made no difference. I remember thinking about this after my first day of school. It actually felt like no time had passed at all. The kids were so nice to me I wanted to adopt them all! I was even more surprised to find a lot of my classmates were in my age group. Some were even older than me. It was almost like going back in time, but my attendance is much netter now.

However, what I discovered to be most beneficial is knowing I am still teachable. I now believe that the older we get, the more we should continue learning. It's invigorating! Like new oxygen being brought into the blood stream. Besides taking a Nutrition, Economy and Improv class, I like to keep up with my favorite self-help programs as well. They help keep me focused, and my thoughts positive. Working three jobs while going to school, I need all the help I can get! ;)

My Favorite Self-Help Programs:

This has always been my favorite and still is. I listen to it every summer while laying at the pool and just relaxing. Nice to have reminders of all this knowledge and Dr. Anthony is easy listening. His quick start program works every time, which is a huge plus!

This was the first program I ever ordered and still one of my faves! I love self-hypnosis and Valerie has the most soothing voice, it is a perfect way to relax and refresh. Twenty minutes is all it takes. There are so many different programs included with this offer that I never get tired of listening to them. Best part is they work!

Another form of self-hypnosis that never fails me. If I'm thinking about money, I play this one right before bed and by morning, I have a whole new outlook and my wealth immediately moves upward. It may be a new job that comes out of nowhere, the lottery, football pools, etc. I haven't made any significant windfalls, but new jobs are nice, and I always make the extra money when I need it.

And this is new...

Honestly, I haven't spent much time with this one yet. However, it's free and created by Dr. Robert Anthony, so I would recommend trying it!

Work like you don't need the money. Love like you've never been hurt. Dance like nobody's watching.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

My Self Help Journey

Yes, I needed help... I did... and thankfully, I found it!

It was written in all those self help books I read... which guided me onto a journey, a journey into the 'unknown'. I didn't know where it was taking me, but I didn't need to know. That is the beauty to all this self help, laws of attraction, spirituality, whatever you choose to call it. It works! You don't need to know how; you just need to trust that it does.

I read so many books, went to seminars, webinars, bought a lot of programs and this went on for years. Years of self-discovery and realizations I had never even thought about before my journey. It didn't change me, the journey just allowed me to see myself for who I am. I am truly grateful for this. Discovering myself was the game changer and life became a lot more interesting!

I want to summarize for you what I learned on this journey; otherwise I would have to write a book. Not a bad idea... just not today. Today, I plan to keep this short and sweet by getting straight to the point.

What I learned mostly is that there is help. You just need to ask for it. That's what I did, and then I found all those books. The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn. It took years before I realized… I was getting all the help I needed. I learned you CAN help yourself! The only person you can truly count on is you, and that's fine because it's all you will ever need. The Universe really does take care of the rest.

In January of 2000 is when I found myself in deep despair. I had lost everything (including my Father), and felt I had no one to turn to. Luckily, that was not true. My Mom was there for me. She helped me dust myself off and get back in the game of life. Thank you Mom! But it was still up to me to make the most of it. But I didn't know how? This is when I began reading... reading anything that would help me out of the darkness that surrounded me!

It wasn't until January of 2006 that I insisted on finding something better. I was out of work and jobs were hard to come by. I didn't have a clue of what I wanted, but I was open to figuring that out. This is also about the time I started this blog. It took a while, but at the beginning of July, I found a nice job. One that I would keep until July of 2008, when we were forced to close down. I was okay with that. I was tired and knew this was not what I wanted to do forever anyway. It was during that time I kept finding more ways to improve myself and before I knew it, I was improving my life! I took acting classes for fun which led to improv classes... even more fun! Still, I needed to find work that pays.

I wanted to tend bar again and ended up working at one of my old jobs... my least favorite old job! It had been decades since I last worked for this organization. I knew they were a tough outfit to work for, but I had faith in all the universal laws and myself that I could handle it. It was all fine... I guess? That is until August of 2011, when everything changed and I was let go for reasons beyond my control. I then began to doubt everything I had learned. How could this happen? Again, I am lost and felt I had nothing. I was back in despair and left on my own to figure things out. It took some time, but thankfully, I was able to see what  a blessing it truly was!

I managed to pick myself up once again and restore my faith in the Universe (and myself), because the alternative was so much worse! What did I have to lose anyway? By March of 2012, I had found the sweetest job as a bartender and I'm still with them today. I am surrounded by the nicest people and close to home! It amazes me that I went from the meanest, most disrespectful employers into the nicest, most accommodating employers in what seems as a blink of an eye. Naturally, this is what I meant by a 'blessing'. I've always believed everything happens for a reason. Maybe the Universe was testing my faith? Or simply wanted to show me what miracles it can perform? Every now and then I still have to pinch myself!

Then in August of 2012, I went back to school. Another game changer. Two years have flown by and I now have an advanced certificate in Computer Information Systems. I'm in the honor society, and so many scholarships available to me, I've decided to keep going. Funny that when I was in High School, I felt I knew more than I would ever need to know. Thirty years later... I still love that confident, naive young girl that I was, but I also have to laugh (with her, of course).

During my summer break from school, I decided the best thing I could do with my extra time is to get a second job. Though considering all I went through to find a job I actually love, I wasn't feeling too ambitious to go through it again. But I did, and yes, I had quite a few discouraging moments in the process. It brought me back to the time when I was desperate to find work and I just couldn't give up. Even though that was no longer the case!  I had to keep reminding myself that I already had a job. There was no need to fear, and I didn't have to jump through hoops for everybody that responded to me. That is when I caught my lucky break. I just let go and let it happen.

By the beginning of July, I had found the most perfect job for me. It's in fashion (which I have always loved) and I get to make my own hours! Actually, the job found me. I just put aside my fears and went with it! The flow of life, that is. I really didn't expect to land this one, but I did! So, I now have two jobs doing what I love to do and continuing with my education. Two more years and I will have a degree in web design. I love the challenges this presents me with and the work is most enjoyable! Going back to school at my age can be strenuous and sometimes I feel I may explode from all the pressure, but when the semester ends, I actually miss it. Then the next semester comes, and I start all over again. 

Now, I just feel bad that I have been neglecting this blog for years. So sorry blog, I really have no time to write anymore, but I do miss it! I even thought of letting it go to ease the guilt of not writing anything new, but I just couldn't. I remembered all the people that have thanked me over the years for all these post, and they still do! Not as much… but if this blog can still help others, I will keep it!

I will always be an advocate for self help. If you're ever feeling down and out, know that there is help for you. Have faith in yourself that you can turn things around, and trust that the Universe is always there to support you. And then be grateful for all of that!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Best Self Help Programs To Bring In Spring 2012!

One Fine Day...

I'll get in shape... I'll start eating healthier... I'll quit smoking. Like one fine day little fairies will appear and sprinkle me with stardust while I'm asleep and I will magically awaken ready to transform myself to living the life I want!

That's how I myself and many others react towards self improvements. We want to make those positive changes. We know that is what we want. We know it would be in our best interest. We even know that it is possible and we can do it! Just not today... maybe tomorrow. Then tomorrow comes and we repeat the same process all over again thinking tomorrow will bring better results. That is also how to describe insanity! I was the same way and to some degree I still am, but I now have awareness of my insanity and that helps. Believe me! Knowing your insane is what proves your sanity. If you were truly insane, you would not be aware of it. You would think you were normal!

Lately I've been questioning myself about this tomorrow habit. I asked myself, "Why do you think tomorrow will be a better time?" Then I started to see how many things I was putting off until tomorrow and I could clearly see why I felt so overwhelmed most of the time with chores and errands that needed to be done. Those other accomplishments always had to take a back seat to activities I needed to do. That also saps all the fun out of living life on your terms. While thinking about this I realized that was the root of my problems in general. In order to really eliminate something from your life you need to get to the root of the problem, some call it the core. If you can recognize the core of your problems, the solutions will then become available with ease!

Now I see that by spending time asking myself questions in regards to tomorrow being better than today, the answers were just flowing to me. Then I asked myself, "What would happen if I just started this project now?" The only logical answer of course, would be "It would be done. You would have started it and be getting results by tomorrow." Amazing! So simple and yet, so profound. That is when I really started getting "The Power of Now". I've read the book so many times I lost count. Then Dr. Robert Anthony and so many other great mentors have taught me this and I really tried to stay present at all times, but it was difficult for me. What can I say? My mind likes to wander, but in time I could at least catch myself doing it... going to the past... worrying about the future, etc.

So my progress for 2011 was monitoring my thoughts more closely and catching myself saying "I'll do it tomorrow." Whenever I hear those thoughts, I get up immediately and take action! My new motto is "I'll do it now!" Life really has become so much easier as a result.

So, what are the best self help programs I found in 2011 to achieve so much joy?

I'll start with the absolute best and the cost is probably the least I have ever spent on any self help program!

Here Are The Four Best Self Help Programs I Found In 2011:

(1)  The Wealth Trigger - A proven formula for attracting wealth using the Law of Attraction and the Power of Hypnosis. 

The Wealth Trigger was created by Joe Vitale and Steven G. Jones and my favorite new self help program by far. You may have read my review and it's all true! I began receiving extra money right away... it was almost scary! I knew it was from listening to these recordings without a doubt. The Wealth Trigger combines the law of attraction with self hypnosis. I listen to this recording right as I am ready for sleep... I never stay awake to hear all of what they say, but that's the beauty of it. Your mind is being reprogrammed while you sleep! I wake up feeling refreshed and eager to start my day and good fortune always awaits me. 

That is until I some how began chasing it away. That's another core subject I should work on... I do have some 'fear' of success and need to eliminate it! I know how to attract wealth, but still having trouble with keeping it.

I just discovered "The Wealth Trigger" is currently on sale for a limited time...

Click Here To Go Directly To "The Wealth Trigger"

Get fit, get happy, and change your life in 60 days with APY60. This 60-day ultimate power yoga DVD Program was developed by Kurt Johnsen, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders yoga instructor and founder of American Power Yoga, to help you lose weight, gain strength and find peace. 

(2)  Money Magnet MeditationsDiscover a fast and effortless way to create a positive
wealth mindset! 

Created by Valerie Dawson... who also created "The Hidden Secret". Valerie uses self hypnosis as a tool for creative visualizations. The Hidden Secret was the first self help program I ever bought and I still listen to it on a regular basis...

Self hypnosis is by far my favorite form of self improvement! It takes the least amount of effort on my part and has the most powerful effect of transforming my life through my mindset. That's what really needs to be changed. As we get older life has a way of beating up on us. Energy is not always there when we need it and our thoughts and actions become routine as we get stuck or you might say 'comfortable' with life.


15 minutes a day is all it takes and I look forward to that time when I can lay back and just listen! Valerie's voice is so soothing, it relaxes me instantly! With so many recordings to choose from, I never get tired of them. She has also written a special report which shares with you the truth on 'how to turn yourself into a money magnet'!

And the best news is she has agreed to give it to you for FREE! No strings attached... just click on the link below:

"The 7 Biggest Mistakes People Make with the Law of Attraction and Money and How YOU Can Avoid Them"
Click Here To Go Directly To Money Magnet Meditations

Click Here To Go Directly To The Hidden Secret

(3)  Unlock The Power Of Now - Finally... An Easy Way To Live In The Moment, Tap Into Your "Infinite Source Of Creation" And Magnetically Attract Your Desires Without Meditation, Hypnosis, Aligning Your Brainwaves Or Traveling To The Far East In Search Of Enlightenment!


Kristen Howe (The Go Big Coach) has created a revolutionary new manifesting system for attracting everything you've ever wanted and provides you with all the tools you need to have access to the source of infinite creation and set you on your way to the life you truly deserve. A simple 3-step process that strips away bad feelings, centers you in the "now" and puts you in the perfect state to attract what you want.

"The Power of Now", written by Eckhart Tolle is my all time favorite book, so of course I would suggest this program.

Click Here To Read "The Power Of Now" Review

Kristen Howe is actually one of the select few people that has used the law of attraction to create the life she always dreamed of. She has completely transformed her life (from $300/week to financially free) and her breakthrough came when she discovered how to put her mind in the moment, to enter a state where the past and the future didn't exist.

Here's what she discovered...

In the moment, there ARE no problems. Your energy and emotions turn universally positive, and you connect with your "infinite attraction point".

Need I say more?

Click Here To Unlock The Power Of Now

Kristen has also created a new program called "The New Message Of A Master - The Secret Laws". An age-old, yet completely underutilized "push button" system for attracting everything you’ve ever wanted into reality?


And the best news is that she's giving you a preview completely freee! Yes, I know it sounds like it's too good to be true and I’m also willing to bet you've heard someone else make claims similar to these at some point in your life only to be left wondering how in the world you fell for such exaggerated statements.

But rest assured what I'm going to share with you is REAL and it's actually not something Kristen created magically out of thin in air.

In actuality, it's been around for hundreds of years. It coincides 'The Laws of Attraction' with it's sub laws which most people are not even aware of... bringing you everything you want with ease once you have mastered and applied them.

To secure your FREE preview, make sure you click the link below:

The New Message Of A Master - The Secret Laws 

Try before you buy. I like that... Everyone should have such confidence in their work!

(4) I always save the Best for last...

I know I mention this every year, but there's a very good reason for that. Dr. Robert Anthony is simply the best! He is very clear and precise while explaining his techniques. He is also very thorough and understanding... you feel as if he is in the room with you! I've been listening to his recordings for years and I never get tired of them. His quick start program is amazing. Whenever I need extra money, I play this one and it works every time!

I also get the most positive feedback from everyone who purchases The Secret of Deliberate Creation and Self Hypnosis Downloads.

Click Here For Deliberate Creation Instant Self Hypnosis

Click Here For The Secret of Deliberate Creation

Read All About The Secret of Deliberate Creation By Clicking Here

Feel free to leave a comment. I do love to hear your thoughts!
Best to all of you and have a blessed year! 

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

2010 Ends... While 2011 Begins!

Another year over… and a new one just begun.

Why not make this one your year!? Your year to shine, to discover your true self, to make a plan and stick with it, to find your purpose or a new year to simply manifest all that you desire!

Can't believe it's been two years since I posted here! Sorry for that, but I've been extremely busy doing all that I love to do. It took some time, but I now truly believe I am on the right life path. Feels like a dream most of the time... just flowing with the current down the river of life! I am extremely grateful for all that I have, but mostly for all that I have learned. Especially over the past ten years where I went from a deep depression, to finding my purpose, to creating the life I live now!

Seems to me true that during our darkest hours is when we see the light!

My wish is for everyone to find peace & happiness all throughout 2011! There is power in numbers. The more people who become free from struggle and are passionate in doing what they love to do will actually raise the vibrations of our 'collective consciousness', bringing us 'A New Earth'. This is what Eckhart Tolle so considerately teaches us in his work. What that means is... by improving yourself, you could possibly be saving our planet!

With all the help I have been given from so many self improvement experts, I now know for sure that peace & happiness only comes from within. It is not something you can purchase. It is free and available to you at all times. I can see that by doing all that I love to do is bringing me more joy and finding more love in all that I already do! That is where you find peace... it is located somewhere between love & joy! Though I never claim to be an expert at any of this, I do know from personal experience that you create your own happiness by being yourself and doing all that makes you happy!

So, here are my favorite self help programs aimed towards you creating your own happiness...

Dr. Robert Anthony still holds first place for his "Secret of Deliberate Creation" program mainly because he went and improved it by adding ‘Deliberate Creation Self-Hypnosis Program. Thankfully, this can be bought separately if your like me and already invested in Secret of Deliberate Creation. I love self  hypnosis programs cos all I have to do is lay down and listen. It's a great way to start my day on a positive note!

Click Here For Secret of Deliberate Creation Plus Self Hypnosis

Click Here For Deliberate Creation Self Hypnosis Program

He has also been busy creating new programs such as...

Zero Weight Release Program where you lose weight effortlessly and keep it off! His breakthrough program is the real deal and will let you finally lose weight with no dieting, pills or willpower… You can use the program alone or combine it with your current workout program to turbo charge your results… I’m serious about this, I want you to be one of his success stories!

Learn More About Zero Weight Release Program

And lastly, he created the "Self Confidence Creator". Dr. Robert Anthony’s incredible new program is going to significantly boost your self-confidence in just 7 days — guaranteed! Trust me when I tell you that Dr. Anthony knows what he is talking about — his original book ‘The Ultimate Secrets of Total Self Confidence’ is now published in 22 foreign languages and has sold over 1.5 MILLION copies!

Learn  More About Self Confidence Creator

Well, that's my new faves... however, if you liked Valerie Dawson's "Hidden Secret" you may be pleased to know that she too has been busy creating!  She has now added "Think Rich Secrets" to her list... I do like this one, but not nearly as much as "The Hidden Secret" which I still listen to!

And that's all for now... Know that you can always find more discoveries and read my reviews by visiting:

Pam's Personal Growth Review

Back To Better Life Review

Sunday, December 28, 2008

What Was So Great About 2008?

So much to be grateful for this year! I don't mean to brag, but I was just reflecting on this year while making resolutions and planning for 2009. That is how I realized what a great year this has been! I have so many people to thank I can't even begin to go into all of them... but I will try. Besides the usual suspects (family, friends and pets), I am most grateful for Dr. Robert Anthony.

The creator of the Secret of Deliberate Creation. My number one pick in self help programs for 2008! I'm still not sure which I liked best... the program itself or all the bonuses? Dr. Anthony is just the best coach, mentor, spiritual advisor, teacher, whatever you wish to call him. He is so easy for me to relate to and I could easily learn and trust what he is saying is true and comes from the heart. The heart of a simplistic, modest man who knows no boundaries when it comes to giving and sharing.

Once I completed the program (all six CD's), I thought I was done. Then I began reading all the bonus books. One after the other, each better than the last. While doing so I learned it is best to continue listening to the CD's and it is so true! The more I listened the more I got it... and the better things got for me! So now I wake each day and listen to one track while my coffee is brewing. It is a great way to start your day! Then while enjoying my coffee I like to read at least ten pages of any motivational book, thanks again to Dr. Anthony, I have several to choose from.

The missing puzzle piece to the “Think and Grow Rich” formula...

Easily manifest more money, more freedom, new ideas or anything else you desire…

Click to discover The Secret of Deliberate Creation…

Next I recite my affirmations, and I am ready to relax and listen to Quantum Mind Power brainwave entrainment recordings. I am so grateful to Song Chengxiang for introducing me to this one. My number two pick for self help programs! This only takes twenty minutes, but still it is probably a blessing I work nights. These recordings give me so much clarity and focus throughout the rest of my day and helps to keep my thoughts under my control. It has also unleashed my creativity which is the best I could hope for. I have reignited my passion for writing and acting and I now have the faith and motivation to do more... besides writing on this blog and others, I am now taking classes to improve my acting abilities. Thank you so much!

I would also like to thank Valerie Dawson. She is the creator of The Hidden Secret. A set of audio self hypnosis CD's that help you with your visualizing. I like to listen to them after my shower or right before bedtime. I look forward to taking these 15 minute breaks as I just lie down, close my eyes and listen. I also lay tea bags over my eyes while I do this. It helps to reduce puffiness, so when I awake I look and feel better! In the meantime, I have also programmed my subconscious to bring me whatever I wished for. Usually that's money and believe me, it works! Probably helps that I'm a bartender so I can easily count on making excellent tips, but regardless I am becoming a money magnet and now I can give more to help my favorite charities. It really is a win win situation. Valerie also helps to remind me of all that I already have to be grateful for.

Most of all I would like to thank you! Thank you for taking the time to read this and for wanting to improve your life. That is how we save our planet. One person at a time... improve yourself, you improve the world around you.

However, I must remind you there is no greater satisfaction than just doing it. If you want it, you can have it! I'm living proof of that. I am most grateful this year that I finally found the courage to leave a dead end job that did not inspire me to one that is uplifting, enjoyable and most of all suits my personality. Life is good!

You can read more reviews of these programs in earlier post below. Thanks and Happy New Year To You! Know that I am wishing you great joy and success in the New Year to come...

One final thank you to Oprah and Eckhart Tolle for A New Earth Webcast this year. It was certainly a highlight of this year and I really learned a great deal... about myself, others and what makes the world go round. The experience of taking these classes will remain with me throughout this lifetime and possibly more. You can still take these classes anytime you want!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Better You Review

Hello All and Welcome to My Self Improvement Review Site!

I do like to get to the point, so let me just go into a brief introductory to get us started. We all want to live our Dream Life. In other words, the one you always dream of. You can not only achieve this, but it is your God given right to live such a life.

Believe me, I have read all the books and it all makes perfect sense. ..Only I felt there had to be more. This is when I began my quest to improve my life on all levels. I began studying and researching all the products and services that are available, and believe me; there are a lot!

Through much trial and error I can now tell you the ones which work best and save you all the time and money I have already spent.

First, I would just like to go over a few well known facts to make sure we are clear and on the same subject which is “How to Improve Your Life!”

Happiness is just another state of mind; like sad, lonely, hungry, angry, etc. If given a choice, which would, you choose? Well, the good news do have a choice and it is up to you which ever state you are in. It is your thoughts which decide what state you are in, so if you want to change your state; change your thoughts! It isn't always easy, but you can do it. Ask yourself throughout the day "How am I feeling?" Then ask, "Why am I feeling this?" then, "What am I thinking?" and finally, "What thought would serve me to feel best right now?"

You want to peel through the layers with whatever questions work best for you, but mainly find the source of your thoughts and feelings, be aware of them, and then correct them to what is to your advantage at the given time.Controlling your thoughts is really the key to happiness. If you don't, they are sure to control you. Considering the "Laws of Attraction" what you think about, you bring about.

Your thoughts are powerful magnets attracting to you the things you think about most. This is a proven fact of life and knowing this should help you figure out why you are in the situation you're already in. "What have you been thinking about lately?" I remember when I first discovered this, I could see clearly how many negative thoughts I was thinking and could easily understand why things were not going well for me. For example, I would leave my house thinking "the bus will probably be late again" and it would! Everyday... I always had to take cabs. Now when I leave I allow myself a little extra time and say things like "I never have to wait long for a bus." And I never do. I catch them all right away now. This works so much better for me.

Now that you are in control of your thoughts, why not only think happy ones? It is impossible for you to feel bad when having good thoughts. This has also been scientifically proven. Think back to a time when you laughed so hard you were in tears. If you really focus you should be able to come up with several of them. Hold those images in your mind as long as possible. Then whenever you want to change your thoughts, one of them will appear in your mind and you can't help but smile at the very least.

Along with that you will want to remember to keep good thoughts as much as possible. I have found several products to be useful as positive affirmations to keep you in check. The more good thoughts you have the more good you are bringing into your life and happy thoughts create more happy thoughts, and so on. This has a snowball effect. Soon it takes off automatically and turns into a giant boulder of good thoughts and good times! Create whatever you want in your life with a little help from any of these products and services. I found all these products to be most helpful in creating joy & happiness, love, wealth, and success! Lose weight, stop smoking, improve your life on all levels...

So, here are what I found to be the best self help programs to help you achieve your Dream Life...especially if you are on a budget, like me!

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The Secret of Deliberate Creation

A six-CD box set copy of The Secret of Deliberate Creation reveals:

The deepest secret to Andrew Carnegie's success formula that Napoleon Hill so masterfully brought to the world in his seminal work "Think and Grow Rich" --
  • a missing puzzle piece so elegant and simple, with it you absolutely cannot fail...
  • A scientific system for creating precisely what you want in life... allowing you to easily manifest more money, more freedom, better relationships, new ideas for a business or a career, or anything else you want...
  • The secret to understanding and mastering your own desires -- the same secret used by the most powerful, persuasive, attractive, wealthy and romantic figures from today and throughout history...
  • to obtain an endless source of money, power, and love in your life...
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The Secret of Deliberate Creation program was created and developed by Dr. Robert Anthony, one of my favorite authors when it comes to personal development. He really is an expert in this field! Reminds me of Anthony Robbins and Eckhart Tolle rolled into one. He loves teaching and helping others as the proof is in his work. He is so clear and precise in what he is saying, it's like recieving all your answers without having to ask any questions.

He has authored over 15 books, which have been published in 22 countries, including best sellers such as The Ultimate Secrtes of Total Self Confidence and Beyond Positive Thinking. (You will recieve these and many more as part of the many bonuses.) I could not believe how great these books are...better than most of the ones I have purchased.

Over the past 30 years well over 10 million people from all over the world have profited by attending his seminars, reading his books, or listening to his tape and CD programs. His books alone have sold millions of copies all over the world.

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