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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Best Self Help Programs To Bring In Spring 2012!

One Fine Day...

I'll get in shape... I'll start eating healthier... I'll quit smoking. Like one fine day little fairies will appear and sprinkle me with stardust while I'm asleep and I will magically awaken ready to transform myself to living the life I want!

That's how I myself and many others react towards self improvements. We want to make those positive changes. We know that is what we want. We know it would be in our best interest. We even know that it is possible and we can do it! Just not today... maybe tomorrow. Then tomorrow comes and we repeat the same process all over again thinking tomorrow will bring better results. That is also how to describe insanity! I was the same way and to some degree I still am, but I now have awareness of my insanity and that helps. Believe me! Knowing your insane is what proves your sanity. If you were truly insane, you would not be aware of it. You would think you were normal!

Lately I've been questioning myself about this tomorrow habit. I asked myself, "Why do you think tomorrow will be a better time?" Then I started to see how many things I was putting off until tomorrow and I could clearly see why I felt so overwhelmed most of the time with chores and errands that needed to be done. Those other accomplishments always had to take a back seat to activities I needed to do. That also saps all the fun out of living life on your terms. While thinking about this I realized that was the root of my problems in general. In order to really eliminate something from your life you need to get to the root of the problem, some call it the core. If you can recognize the core of your problems, the solutions will then become available with ease!

Now I see that by spending time asking myself questions in regards to tomorrow being better than today, the answers were just flowing to me. Then I asked myself, "What would happen if I just started this project now?" The only logical answer of course, would be "It would be done. You would have started it and be getting results by tomorrow." Amazing! So simple and yet, so profound. That is when I really started getting "The Power of Now". I've read the book so many times I lost count. Then Dr. Robert Anthony and so many other great mentors have taught me this and I really tried to stay present at all times, but it was difficult for me. What can I say? My mind likes to wander, but in time I could at least catch myself doing it... going to the past... worrying about the future, etc.

So my progress for 2011 was monitoring my thoughts more closely and catching myself saying "I'll do it tomorrow." Whenever I hear those thoughts, I get up immediately and take action! My new motto is "I'll do it now!" Life really has become so much easier as a result.

So, what are the best self help programs I found in 2011 to achieve so much joy?

I'll start with the absolute best and the cost is probably the least I have ever spent on any self help program!

Here Are The Four Best Self Help Programs I Found In 2011:

(1)  The Wealth Trigger - A proven formula for attracting wealth using the Law of Attraction and the Power of Hypnosis. 

The Wealth Trigger was created by Joe Vitale and Steven G. Jones and my favorite new self help program by far. You may have read my review and it's all true! I began receiving extra money right away... it was almost scary! I knew it was from listening to these recordings without a doubt. The Wealth Trigger combines the law of attraction with self hypnosis. I listen to this recording right as I am ready for sleep... I never stay awake to hear all of what they say, but that's the beauty of it. Your mind is being reprogrammed while you sleep! I wake up feeling refreshed and eager to start my day and good fortune always awaits me. 

That is until I some how began chasing it away. That's another core subject I should work on... I do have some 'fear' of success and need to eliminate it! I know how to attract wealth, but still having trouble with keeping it.

I just discovered "The Wealth Trigger" is currently on sale for a limited time...

Click Here To Go Directly To "The Wealth Trigger"

Get fit, get happy, and change your life in 60 days with APY60. This 60-day ultimate power yoga DVD Program was developed by Kurt Johnsen, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders yoga instructor and founder of American Power Yoga, to help you lose weight, gain strength and find peace. 

(2)  Money Magnet MeditationsDiscover a fast and effortless way to create a positive
wealth mindset! 

Created by Valerie Dawson... who also created "The Hidden Secret". Valerie uses self hypnosis as a tool for creative visualizations. The Hidden Secret was the first self help program I ever bought and I still listen to it on a regular basis...

Self hypnosis is by far my favorite form of self improvement! It takes the least amount of effort on my part and has the most powerful effect of transforming my life through my mindset. That's what really needs to be changed. As we get older life has a way of beating up on us. Energy is not always there when we need it and our thoughts and actions become routine as we get stuck or you might say 'comfortable' with life.


15 minutes a day is all it takes and I look forward to that time when I can lay back and just listen! Valerie's voice is so soothing, it relaxes me instantly! With so many recordings to choose from, I never get tired of them. She has also written a special report which shares with you the truth on 'how to turn yourself into a money magnet'!

And the best news is she has agreed to give it to you for FREE! No strings attached... just click on the link below:

"The 7 Biggest Mistakes People Make with the Law of Attraction and Money and How YOU Can Avoid Them"
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Click Here To Go Directly To The Hidden Secret

(3)  Unlock The Power Of Now - Finally... An Easy Way To Live In The Moment, Tap Into Your "Infinite Source Of Creation" And Magnetically Attract Your Desires Without Meditation, Hypnosis, Aligning Your Brainwaves Or Traveling To The Far East In Search Of Enlightenment!


Kristen Howe (The Go Big Coach) has created a revolutionary new manifesting system for attracting everything you've ever wanted and provides you with all the tools you need to have access to the source of infinite creation and set you on your way to the life you truly deserve. A simple 3-step process that strips away bad feelings, centers you in the "now" and puts you in the perfect state to attract what you want.

"The Power of Now", written by Eckhart Tolle is my all time favorite book, so of course I would suggest this program.

Click Here To Read "The Power Of Now" Review

Kristen Howe is actually one of the select few people that has used the law of attraction to create the life she always dreamed of. She has completely transformed her life (from $300/week to financially free) and her breakthrough came when she discovered how to put her mind in the moment, to enter a state where the past and the future didn't exist.

Here's what she discovered...

In the moment, there ARE no problems. Your energy and emotions turn universally positive, and you connect with your "infinite attraction point".

Need I say more?

Click Here To Unlock The Power Of Now

Kristen has also created a new program called "The New Message Of A Master - The Secret Laws". An age-old, yet completely underutilized "push button" system for attracting everything you’ve ever wanted into reality?


And the best news is that she's giving you a preview completely freee! Yes, I know it sounds like it's too good to be true and I’m also willing to bet you've heard someone else make claims similar to these at some point in your life only to be left wondering how in the world you fell for such exaggerated statements.

But rest assured what I'm going to share with you is REAL and it's actually not something Kristen created magically out of thin in air.

In actuality, it's been around for hundreds of years. It coincides 'The Laws of Attraction' with it's sub laws which most people are not even aware of... bringing you everything you want with ease once you have mastered and applied them.

To secure your FREE preview, make sure you click the link below:

The New Message Of A Master - The Secret Laws 

Try before you buy. I like that... Everyone should have such confidence in their work!

(4) I always save the Best for last...

I know I mention this every year, but there's a very good reason for that. Dr. Robert Anthony is simply the best! He is very clear and precise while explaining his techniques. He is also very thorough and understanding... you feel as if he is in the room with you! I've been listening to his recordings for years and I never get tired of them. His quick start program is amazing. Whenever I need extra money, I play this one and it works every time!

I also get the most positive feedback from everyone who purchases The Secret of Deliberate Creation and Self Hypnosis Downloads.

Click Here For Deliberate Creation Instant Self Hypnosis

Click Here For The Secret of Deliberate Creation

Read All About The Secret of Deliberate Creation By Clicking Here

Feel free to leave a comment. I do love to hear your thoughts!
Best to all of you and have a blessed year! 

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It's important to remember that, while abdominal exercise won't get rid of fat from the belly, a strong core is important for keeping your body healthy and protecting your spine.

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